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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seeking Advice- Getting subtle bronze streaks!

Hey girls, I have been wanting to get brown highlights for some time and when I asked my hairdresser what she thought, she suggested bronze-y highlights that were really subtle. I am going higlights similar to Rachel's. All photos are from google images:

And this is my hair currently- light at the bottom from the sun and dark at the top as always my natural colour.
This photo is semi old from a few months ago and my hair is lot longer now. :) Okay, any thoughts? Oh, and I'd love to hear about your hair experiences. So far I have had blonde streaks and short hair and wait the whole year for it to grow out. My streaks went copper afterwards and I have only put a washout dye in Live dark brown through it. :) xxx

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Think Baby Pink!

Hey Girls,

It's Tuesday and I cannot believe it's going to be Wednesday tomorrow already, lol. Monday starts and everybody wants to crawl back in bed, but once Tuesday comes round it's almost Wednesday. Wednesday is what my courier at work called 'over the hump day' meaning the worst of the week is over. I agree :D

Thursday used to be about True Blood, but who can forget late night shopping, lol. You going this Thursday? And, who doesn't love Fridays, I mean come on!

Okay, with that all being said, today's outfit was pink yet again- no this is not a challenge, I just feel good in pink so I thought why not wear it as much as I can. After the dusty and baby pinks (which are my favourite and people complement me when I wear them) it's hot pink that are left, and this amazing magenta ring should go awesomely with all my hot pink stuff.

Anyway, for now it's all about the baby pink.

Okay, so I brought this shirt from Target, the Skirt is from Target and the Blazer is a part of a suit skirt that goes with it that a friend gave to me in 2009.

I decided to wear my new jewellery I got. I love baby pink as you know but this is baby pink and purple! I love it so the ring and the necklace and the bracelet went altogether. I brought it from Diva last Thursday and I am going to be posting that haul on blogger soon- stay tuned for that. (For those of you wondering about the manly palette, I have not have the inspiration to play with looks yet nor the time, so I WILL do that soon :)

Okay, here are the pics- be warned these are taken at the end of the day, makeup not fresh, sorry. :D

(Oh yeah, my white bedspread is so big and bulky it fell off so you can see my 'hippy' as my brother calls it, colourful bedspread behind me, lol.

Today as I said, I wore my new jewellery. The big pink sparkly ring was brought a while back for about $51! I couldn't believe it- I originally walked away then ran back seconds later because I really wanted it- lol.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and give me your thoughts. xxxx

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Hey Girls, EDIT: This is a late post it's actually Tuesday, lol. :) Happy belated Monday. Normally Monday's are quite crappy for me...but today wasn't that bad. I think it might have something to do with the fact I was wearing my new pink shirt and all my favourite dusty pink accessories to go with it. You all know I love pink right- hence the blog template lol. Okay, so I tried to get full outfit photos but they come out blury in my armoire- sorry! Simple black blazer, black pleated skirt and dusty pink blouse :)

Here are a couple of make-up photos before we get to accessories! My natural wavy hair but I straightened my fringe since it was not cooperating this morning lol. I have been using Rimmel's lipstick in 'Candy' I really need to do a review on their lipsticks even my boyfriend likes the slight vanilla taste. :)
Now onto the accessories! I have so many but the big pink flower ring is my favourite at the moment! It was funny because a girl selling jewellery on Thursday asked me where I got it because I wearing it that night. I got it from the chemist lol. I saw it and I had to have it. It's one of those things where you couldn't care less what anyone else thinks because it makes you happy :). Here is my clothes and accessories and some close ups for you all. :) Because details matter ;)(By the way, all photos were taken at the end of the day so make-up and hair are not fresh- sorry was about to hop in the shower and wanted to take some quick pics.
Details matter again...butterfly badges on blazer, close up of my earrings and my new bag :)
And lastly some more snap happy photos :)
Give me some love- do you like this outfit? xxx Have a nice night xx

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Updated Jewellery Collection

Hey Girls, I have been wanting to do this post for a while considering my last photos were too blury and I have brought (too much) more since then lol. :) I love this armoire, as I have said before it's the best thing ever. I got it from and it was $116 plus $116 shipping since it was from the US, but every penny was so worth it?

My room is a mess lol...but I love my bedspread with my Paris Eifel Tower cushion it looks good with the laptop lol!
How do you like to store your jewellery? :) xxx

Late OOTD and NOTD

Howdy girls, how is your Monday evening? Mine is extremely wet, rainy and cold. Funny since it's supposed to getting hotter abour now.

Anyway, I want to post my very first Nails Of The Day (NOTD). I painted my nails in Revlon's plum seduction. I've had this colour quite a while and finally decided to use it. My mum had it as she had used it previously. It looked awesome on her nails! :)

EDIT- this is VERY late, Saturday evening actually at approximately 8:21pm. Lol)

Time for some pics:

(sorry for the crappy half turned pic lol)
*** Also, I went to a BBQ at my boyfriend's sister's house a few weeks ago and this is my outfit of that day. I already wore this dress in a previous post, but it's my favourite! It was about $80 when I brought it. Let me know what you think :)
Coming up is my jewellery collection post! I hope you liked my outfit of the day :) xxx