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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hair Update

Hey y’all (just feel like being country for some reason…), as I said in previous post, I have had my hair layered, and until I finish my course and get another camera or plug my old one in (even though it’s faulty and half my pics are deleting :( ) it’s good ol’ ipod pictures- not the best quality- sorry.

Okay, so I was aiming for Nina Dobrev’s-vampire-diary-all-same-length-hair, but I just could not stand it sitting there being boring, so my hairdresser suggested layers, like I had them back in 2010/2009/2008/2007 and so on…so that’s what I did.

Before- nice long but boring….


Now- taken on Monday-ish


I love it now, I cannot wait to get the straightner or the curling iron and do it properly.

In other news, I have felt like wearing purple eyeshadow the last few days, so that’s probably what I’ll do my next FOTD (face of the day) on. If I ever hurry up and finish my course- lol.

Next Wednesday is the day. But on another random note, I am wearing purple today with a pinky-marone scarf with these little tassels on it. My friend Annie said I look nice, but I feel like total crap, so maybe next time I’m wearing proper makeup- I will post the OOTD (outfit of the day).

Lol. I cannot wait to get the net in my room so I can post other than at work after hours while my dad works upstairs. Anywhoodles, time to go. But, don’t be surprised if I post again. Until then, drop me a line


Scarfs and Jewellery

*EDIT* Sorry if the pics are large, I am using photobucket and I am not sure how to make them smaller... Don't mind my big face lol. ***

So, you know you have an addiction when you drink six cups of coffee a day, but when you fill up a whole cabinet meant for jewellery- well it takes addiction to a whole new level. Or what about buying 8 scarves in one weekend? Well, you got someone called me- that’s for sure, lol.

Anyway, since I have been MIA I have decided to blog about my favourite obsessions- jewellery and scarves. Unfortunately all my scarfs are stuffed in a draw and don’t have any pics- :( But, I have pictures of my jewellery cabinet.

I love, love, love this cabinet. I straighten my hair in front of it when our puppy is sleeping in our bathroom and can’t do my makeup/hair in the bathroom or just in general for the lazy days where I get up in the morning and see I look like complete crap, lol.

Here are some pics:

The inside- isn’t it preeeety….

Here’s a close up of my necklaces on onside- I have more on the other lol.

Close up of my rings- sorry these pictures aren’t good quality

Close up of my bangle collection…

Close up of earrings…

Here what I look like when you close it.

It’s almost a full length mirror and it looks it’s inconspicuous my jewellery’s hidden in there.

If it’s something you or someone you might know who might be interested, this is where I got it from:

I know the pictures look crap, but I swear, I love it to bits, I can’t imagine all my jewellery in my draws and all over my bedside table…lol.

Oh, and here’s a semi old pic of me wearing one of my favourite scarfs…

I shall do a post on my scarfs soon- hmmm is it spelt scarves or scarfs, oh well.



Yeah, so I have been MIA for weeks and months, I only did this blog because I wanted to feel like I mattered and also like the other girls feel- like I’ve accomplished something- instead I feel like a big fat failure. Now I know what I want, and I could get it but I am too stuffin’ lazy to do anything about it.

So here goes, this is it. I am going to focus on this blog the minute I finish my course, no more dilly dadling, I want this. I want a creative outlet and I would actually like to have a chance to try out different looks instead of swiping on the same brown eyeshadow everyday.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

In the meantime, I have had my hair layered which I now love- but cannot wait for it to get longer and actually have the time to straighten it. I want to paint my nails at some point. I was going to paint them black but now feel in a pink mood once again.

And, I have one message for anyone who may be reading this blog, I don’t care if you’re a hater. This my blog and I quite possibly couldn’t give a stuff about you.

So, I am going to keep updating as normal and whoever follows, I am grateful for that. I not going to advertise this blog at this point because some sites are just crap and it’s all to tedious.

So as I said- when I have finished my course I am getting a proper camera (that I won’t lose the charge and computer cord for) and wireless net and away I go.

If you have any thoughts drop me a line.