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Friday, September 30, 2011

Catch up & Gorgeous Palette

Hey Girls,

*EDIT** Happy Friday! (Lol I forgot to add that in, you know when it's Friday the weekend is coming!)
Just wanted to update my blog and let you all know how everything is going.


Claudia's 16th was awesome I will post photos when I can. In the meantime, I really want this palette from Sedona

Has anyone use this palette and what were your thoughts??

Isn't it pretty? Pic from (in other words not my image!)

So thoughts?? Have a great weekend, I'm going to the Royal Show, what are you girls doing. :)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Depression and My Sister's Birthday Outfit...

Hey Y’all

I know, I’m not country, but sometimes you just gotta say what you feel. Ugh, is anyone else having bad weather, here in Perth it’s rain, rain, rain, pour, pour, pour. It never stops, but I wanted to update you guys on my life.

So, this weekend it’s my sister’s birthday, you guys would remember me blogging about her in previous posts, and she is turning 16! Lol, makes me feel so old. Anyway, I appeared to have gained a few kilos and I am super worried that my dress won’t fit. It’s like the dress is hanging there in my closet mocking me, waiting for me to try it on…

Okay…maybe I’m being a little over dramatic, but I haven’t been feeling good lately, so I really want to put this dress on and feel so smoking not squeezed in. Anyway, I’m sure everyone has their insecurities…

Okay, I seriously want to post pictures in more detail, I mean I have so many outfits and accessories that I want to showcase, I mean I could probably have a new accessory everyday- but for some reason I seem to go up and down, up and down. I feel like I’m running away constantly for my mind and I have depression (and without going into too much detail) when you feel grey inside, (honestly inside even if the sun is shining) you really don’t feel like wearing any accessories. For the past few days my hair has been either unwashed and gross or washed, wavy, no makeup or rings, earrings- nothing. The only thing I never remove is my gold nugget chain. It was given to me by my Gran who passed away last year; I don’t like to take it off as I feel lost without it.

This was not supposed to be a depressing post, but seriously I feel like I’m forever trapped- I mean everyday is everyday, but not to me. Everyday is a constant battle to stay positive and run away from the dark clouds that form in my mind. Sometimes, even music makes me sadder, like there is no escape.


Anyway, enough of the dark stuff. I wanted to tell you what I am planning to wear this weekend, but the closer this weekend gets, the more I feel I’m going to look like total crap. My skin has been out of control lately and work has been blah. Sleep has been even worse. But I was looking through a blog which I love to bits- and I couldn’t help but get inspired to play with my makeup and clothes and jewellery lol.

I think everyone gets like that especially me and especially when I’m at work. I mean I am very imaginative girl and my imagination runs away with me. I remember this beautiful blonde customer I served when I was sixteen, she smelt like Fantasy by Britney Spears and she was so gorgeous I wanted to be blonde (which even though I will forever want to do- I’m chicken and it will never suit me). But she made me feel like I could go home and be as beautiful as she is, the same with Lana in Smallville, I thought when I was her age I would look better, and I do…but you know I just seem to have these constant days where I feel what am I doing? What is wrong with me? And, to make it worse, my dad repeats that to me everytime I break down…so what to do, what to do?


Okay, so this dress I wore in my birthday post, it’s pink of course, the shoes are the same, but the makeup will probably be a nice brown smokey eye with a beautiful soft glossy pink lip. I can’t wait; I hope my sister likes her present. To give you an idea of the same look, here is a photo from my 19th Birthday this year in January:

Peace out and drop a little love xx

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick Update

Just wanted to say hey, I have an app now that let's me post on the go.

Before I forget here is the light pink blazer I am searching
for this one was too small poo :(

Peace out x

Friday, September 16, 2011

Going to Fremantle tomorrow

Goodness gracious I am going to need my own Twitter account soon as I seem to update on every part of my life- but that’s okay coz my blog.

My boyfriend just called me and said we are going to Fremantle tomorrow and to be ready at 9:30 tomorrow morning. I feel like a princess, we are going to have a great day now all that’s left to do is paint my nails, pick my jewellery, makeup and clothes. I have this awesome black shirt that I know he loves- maybe I’ll do smokey silver eyes- we’ll see.

In the meantime, tonight I have to get my camera up and running lol- it’s photo whore time.

Until next blog have an awesome and safe weekend. :)

Tutorials and Youtube- advice please…

Hey guys, happy Friday.

I just wanted to ask if you think I should start doing tutorials on makeup and would you guys be interested in watching them? Basically, I believe the more practice I get with makeup- the better I’ll get.

So should I start tutorials as this blog is about expression and I love makeup and clothes and like to be adventurous now and again…

Please anyone- thoughts?

Should I start tutorials and upload them to Youtube?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Royal show ticket- my bf rocks!

I have the best boyfriend in the whole world…he just brought me royal show tickets! I love you baby with all my heart xoxo

Thursday tiredness…

Hey guys,

Ugh, I can’t even begin to tell you how tired I am right now- okay, warning, I venting so; you can all ignore this if you want.

So, I am sitting here at my desk with a hot cup of coffee feeling like crap. Why, you ask? Well I have been trying different eyeshadow looks (I will go into more detail in an upcoming post) anyway, I wore silver today and yeah feeling self conscious, forgot my ipod and was really bummed that I couldn’t listen to it on the way to work…

Anyway, we were locked out of work as power was off and the roller shutter is controlled by that. My other boss gets here everyday at 7am, so I felt sorry for him as we got there at 8:30 on the dot, which is when we start. So, I decided to grab a coffee for myself and a black tea for one of my colleagues- and then I asked one of our staff members to drive me back instead of walking back with hot drinks.

Everything was fine except the cup seemed to start bubbling, I noticed the tea was bubbling not so much my flat white- and then it started to dribble on me! Remember boiling black tea- anyway, here we are driving along and the whole bloody thing starts to spill on me and scald me!

At first, I didn’t feel anything and then the tea seeped through my skirt and stockings and I swore really loudly and threw it off of me on impulse. It landed with a thud all over the guy’s car! Apart from apologizing multiple times- I had no coffee!

Ugh, then to make matters worse, the power was not suppose to come on until 3:30pm and we get a call after all of us go home (as there is no point coming back as we can’t even get in) and at 10am the power’s back on! So I put all my jewellery back on and stockings and go back to work…

The worst part of this was wearing stockings after I took them off, I scalded a very tender area (hint, hint) and it’s so sore!

Okay, so onto what I was saying- did I do blue- you bet I did! So, on Monday, I wore purple…

And then yesterday was blue’s time to shine lol- anyway, I have this Designer Brand eyeshadow palette and wore the blue from there- which turned out great- except it starts to wear off some of my eye but the top seems to stay- weird. I don’t have names of what the eyeshadow colour was, but I think I wore it in 2008- yes really old palette hardly used…
Today was silver with black accessories and a black blouse- I'm tossing up between light pink tomorrow to go with my light pink accessories (you all know how I love pink- lol) or gold or green or something else.

Anyway- drop a line and tell me about your day and the eyeshadows xox

Friday, September 9, 2011

Laptops V.S Computer

So...with money slowly accumulating in my bank, one question remains- laptop V.S computer?

Well, a laptop is much more practical for me as I have no space in my room for a computer desk- boo hoo :( So, a laptop seems the way to go, I have my eye on one of these...

(photo credit

So what do y'all think of this one?

So, what I want to know is- do you prefer blogging with a laptop or computer and is it worth making the switch?


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank you

Hey guys,

I just wanted to say thank you for following my blog, it means the world to me, and I know I haven't posted in a few days, but I am just caught up at the moment with work. I appreciate every single comment- they make my day.

Too many things in this world go unsaid so I say thank you.

Image from:

xox have a great day

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beautiful Black Jewellery Day

Beautiful Black Jewellery

Quick outfit post of late. The lady I work next door to called this my ‘beautiful black jewellery day’ hence the name of the post lol.

Anyways, let’s get onto some pics!


Snap happy, me just being cool and collected in my mum’s car- freshly made up and ready to go to work. :) More pics along the way…



The lady next door (Annie) liked this outfit so much (I normally wear lots of pink, I rarely go for an all black look) and took some full photos of my outfit- enjoy



All Bangles- Diva-Morley
All necklaces (except my gold chain) - Diva Morley
Black Blouse- Tempt Morley
Black Pants- Katies
Black Ring- Diva Morley
Black and White Earrings- Gift from a friend
Black Coat- Malaga Markets :)

So, let me know what you think, and show me your all black outfits- do you believe in being classic with fashion or being bold??

By the way, sorry for my long hiatus :)