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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tag! I'm It

Okay, I finally got my laptop, so it’s time for some serious blogging time! So in order to introduce myself better than I have, I thought I would do a little tag on myself!

Okay here we go:

1. What computer or laptop do I use?
I used to use an old pc tower that I loved to death that my dad built for my brother, sister and I. I eventually owned it, but it started to die. So now I have switched to a laptop. It’s a Sony Vaio E series in blush pink model: VPCEH and it retails around $999, so I won’t be spending money for a long, long time.
Here is a picture I took of the keyboard…lol I love the detailing on the geometric pattern on the lid and the palm rest.

2. What is my favourite beverage for working?
I do love coffee but I drink a lot of tea. I like to drink a little bit of tea like a quarter of a cup and then loads and loads of milk. I often use up all the milk at work and I get into trouble for that lol
If I do drink coffee it’s a flat white with one sugar and loads and loads of milk!
I love to eat ice and love ice cold water for some reason.

3. What is my occupation?
I am receptionist and have worked for my father since May 2008.

4. What is my favourite colour?
Pink of course, lol! I love purple too. Pink is my mum’s favourite colour as well

5. How do I normally wear my hair?
At the moment my hair is long layers in the front and the back- I hate short hair anything shoulder length or shorter and I cry like a baby when I have to cut an inch off lol.

6. What can’t I leave the house without?
Makeup powder so I can least swipe something over my skin. Lip-gloss and my ipod so I can listen to it in the car on the way to work and when I go for a walk at work.

7. Am I addicted to my mobile phone?
Quite the contrary, I always seem to forget to charge it and my boyfriend is the organised one in the relationship. He always has his phone plugged and charged no matter what.

8. How long have you been with your boyfriend?
Grant and I have been together since April 1st 2008
(Random photo shoot together we did one day after work courtsey of my ipod)

9. Who asked who out?
I asked him out even though I found out later on he wanted to ask me about but he thought I would say no. Aww.
(Picture at the Royal Show 2010. He took this picture- damn good photography skills, mine didn't turn out as good lol)
(And just another mushy kissy one for fun)

10. Favourite Movies?
The Back Up Plan, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Grease, Mean Girls, Hot Tub Time Machine (if you haven’t seen it- it’s awesome!)

11.Favourite TV Show?
TRUE BLOOD and Smallville addict! I love these shows to death! I write Smallville fanfiction and I will be writing True Blood fanfiction soon. I l love Bill and Sookie!
(pic from google images- not mine- don't sue!)
(Ahh Smallville...picture from google images- not mine!)

12.Celebrity Crush?
Tom Welling and for the first time ever a guy I never thought I would go for until I realized I swoon at him when he pops up on the screen- Stephen Moyer (plays Bill Compton in True Blood)
(Mmm Tom Welling modelling pictures from his early days...all from google images...drool...)
(Mmm sexy bill as the King of Lousina, picture from google images)

13.Your Dream?
To be a published author for my Enchanted series or any others I think would be worth making it that far. I also would like to be a writer/editor for Cosmopolitan, Cleo or girlfriend. Really, any magazine that would take me.

14. Recent outfit of the day: Friday just gone!
Freshly washed hair, brown eyeshadow, pink lips, pink blouse= love it!

I hope you enjoyed my tag and I have tagged all my followers:

Jennifer Suazo Garcia
Love Joice
If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie)
Alley Smith
Curves Ahead Make up

Stay turned from my review and look from the Manly Palette! :)

Night girls xoxx

Friday, October 14, 2011

I got my Manly Palette today!

Hey Girls,

Happy Friday, and what a way to start it... I received my Manly (pronounced Mun-lee) palette this morning!

Woo. Only a couple of pic, but I kept everything together so I can do a review later on.

I cannot wait to play with some looks! Youtube tutorial, here I come!

I ended up getting the 120 palette complete with a brush set and 6 glitter pigments.

Here are the pics!

Happy Friday! xoxo Have a great weekend. xx

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Dislike this…

I was looking through some random youtube videos, I am sure you have heard of It’s a great beauty blog by Vanessa. She is so awesome and she is one of the many awesome girls on the net I follow.

Why do I bring this up you ask? Well, I noticed tons of people ‘liked’ her videos on youtube and about three or four ‘disliked’ them.

What is with that button?

(google images credit image- not mine!)

Is it like a jealous button. It like they say: 'Oh, so she’s making videos about her ring collection (which by the way the hater obviously is jealous of) and to make them feel big they click dislike or leave a nasty comment below. I have not seen any nasty comments on Vanessa’s video but I have noticed that all people seem to do these days is dislike this, dislike that. AND just to put people down they use that damn button!

Quite frankly, if I found a dislike here or on my youtube channel, (when I have it up and running) I got to tell you, I think it’s pathetic. They happen to sift through your videos and click dislike because they are either jealous or maybe they find another reason to be rude and nasty.

It really is pointless. Why? Because I look at how many people say I’m good at makeup and so what if four or four or even one hundred dislike me- as people say if I got haters they make me famous, or it must mean I’m doing my job right, lol.

Well look at the other hundred or so who look up to you and click like because they do like you?

What are your thoughts on the dislike button and how do you deal with negative and nasty comments?

Check these girls out

Steph Vanessa and fanfinettex/audrey gave me the inspiration to blog in the first place. x

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rant, Rant, Rant and other random stuff

Okay, maybe people think I have done enough ranting, but really I haven’t.

I don’t know if any of you girls have the issue where you cannot sleep properly. Ugh, it’s so annoying and not to mention all I can think about is my weight.

By the way, in case you’re wondering my pink dress fits and it was more loose! Don’t ask me how that works considering I know I’ve put on weight!

I going to try walking around my park for half an hour everyday, and trying to stop eating junk food. But I’m so hungry all the time, it’s not funny.

Really, honestly and truthfully, it’s not. Right now I am feeling up and down. Pissed off that I feel unmotivated and annoyed that I do not have any tone in my body what-so-ever. You don’t even notice in my clothes, I look good dressed and then with my clothes off it’s like another body to me.

It got to a stage where I did not even want to look down at my legs. My boyfriend will always encourage me to wear short shorts or those skimpy tops that show off your naval but it’s not just because of my body it’s the fact to me, I would look tacky.

Thoughts? Personal Experiences? Xox Back to work…

Monday, October 10, 2011

I found the ONE!

Hey Girls,

It's Monday ho-hum.

I found it finally- the laptop I have been looking for...

It's pretty expensive, but it will be worth it! Anyway I want your thoughts as I said in the last post:

What should I blog about next?


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick Update

Good Morning Lovelys,

Special thanks to Stef from If Curves Could Talk for reading my story and commenting. There will be more, and if you are super interested, please let me know, or email me at

Some good news: I have ordered the Manly 120 Palette from Ebay which comes with 6 glitter pigments and a free brush set! I cannot wait, and I will be doing a review soon!

Other good news is the money I receive from my Tax Return is going straight to buying a new laptop and then I can really blog more often with pictures, outfits of the day, reviews and much more. Cannot wait!

If anyone has any idea to what tutorials they would like to see on my blog let me know.

How does an in depth post about my jewellery collection sound- I know I did this previously but it has been updated and the pictures would be better quality.

Just so y'all know, I am not bragging, just sharing. I love looking at collections of jewellery :) It makes me happy.

Okay, this what I am brought:

So thoughts on what I should do next on this blog?

Have an awesome day :) xox

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Enchanted- Part of Chapter 1

Enchanted by me COPYRIGHT! (c)

Please be wary this is not finished and some wording may have changed once I post the rest of the chapter. At the moment, this is only part of the story I have on me.

Comments please?.

Chapter One: First Meeting

I awake, the sanitary smell of the antiseptic is in the air- I recognize the foul stench from the last root canal I had. My eyes fix themselves on the empty beds on the other side of the room as my breathing begins to quicken.

“Hey, hey calm down,” says a smooth voice- one that I don’t recognize. “You’re in the hospital.”

My breathing continues to get faster as I desperately try to remember what happened. The stranger gazes at me intently, but behind that, he does not look pleased to be here.

“Who are you?” I ask my fingers clutching my sheets worriedly. “Why are you here?”

“I’m Thomas,” He says in a tone I would place as irritated, but for what reason I was unsure. “I was sent here.”

Taking in a deep breath slowly, I ease myself into a sitting position and study the stranger with great curiosity. He looks a little over six foot two and dark hair frames his face. His icy blue eyes stare at me and his lips are firmly pressed together as if he’s annoyed to be here with me.

Looking around, I feel confused. Nothing makes sense, every time I try to remember what happened that I ended up here, I draw a blank. I find myself even more worried to be here in the hospital even though it’s supposedly safer.

Is any of this real? Is any of this normal?

“Yes and yes.” Thomas answers interrupting my thoughts. I study him floored.


Thomas grabs a chair from the other side of the room, sets it down and then sits, his eyes watching me with great amusement.

“Yes, this is real. Completely real actually.”

I don’t like the cheek in his tone or the fact his eyes seem to look me up and down in a somewhat sexual manner. I cross my arms around my chest defensively.

“Hmm. Sal did mention you were quite amusing Alex.”


Sal- who is Sal? Who is Thomas and what does he know that I don’t? Why does he know what I am thinking?

Sal is my boss,” He uses the term loosely as if he is unsure. “And I’m here to fulfill my destiny.”

“This is absolute garbage!” I shout enraged. I don’t care if the orderlies rush in to see what all this fuss is about or if I’m acting like a deranged bitch. “Get. Out!”

I say each word firmly and with no room for argument.

“I would care who comes into this room, because there is a personal matter I need to discuss with you.”

“A personal matter?! What kind of crap is this? I don’t even know who the hell you are, and you already know who I am!”

“I know more than that actually.” He replies coolly, his eyes lock with mine, I feel so drawn to Thomas, and I can’t look away.

“You see,” He begins sitting on the edge of my bed. “You are a witch, correct?”

The question catches me off guard. No one has ever actually said ‘you are awitch’- because that is ridiculous. Witches do not exist in today’s modern society, nor do elves, Santa Clause or fairies- so naturally this question throws me off, and makes me feel more than a little uncomfortable. Thomas raises a dark eyebrow, his eyes narrowing at me.

“I take it by your thoughts, you are.”

“But how did you-?”

“Know? Easily. I am supposed to know.”

Know what? This is ridiculous, why can’t this guy just leave me the hell alone!

“I can’t leave, because we need to talk about the matter at hand.”

“Would you stop doing that?” I say exasperatedly as I try to collect my thoughts carefully.

“What?” Thomas replies amused.

“Reading my thoughts! Damn it, it’s getting on my nerves,”

“Sorry,” He replies effortlessly.

“Look,” I say placing a strand of dark hair behind my ear. “I only found out a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I am even telling you this.”

“Because you don’t have a choice. Alex.”

“Would you just be quiet?” I shout as my patience is now out the window. This guy wants to make me scream.

“Go ahead and scream.” He says suddenly, “But it won’t do any good.”

I ignore his smart remark and the fact he can read my thoughts and continue on.

“There was this tension when I was growing up, and before my parents divorced, I found this book.”

Thomas is still, his eyes suddenly deeper than before, he nods his head politely as if a sign to continue.

“It was this weird book filled with many different words that I didn’t understand and then one night, I was looking through it, my mum found it and took it away.” My voice quivers as I continue. “A few weeks passed and dad looked everywhere for this stupid book. He said all these nasty things, and then he had to leave.”

“Why?” Thomas presses; his deep eyes lure me again to look back into them. They are the darkest of blue and they seem almost hypnotizing.

“Uh…” I try to speak but his eyes continue to change into a deeper colour and for some reason I can’t look away. Blinking but still not removing my gaze I swallow.

“My mother found something out about him. At first I thought it was another woman, but then as I got older, I found out that my dad had been part of this so called ‘club’ and one of its members had been killed.”

“Mmmm.” Thomas mutters with no emotion.

Stupid Jerk, if he didn’t want to hear this, why did he ask?


“I don’t want to hear it.” I say cutting him off, my voice terse. Thomas’ long dark lashes flutter as he blinks and then he nods again.

“The book has been hidden, but my sister and I were alone one night having dinner, and then the strangest thing happened… My sister and I were stressed about my parents divorce and I guess, without meaning to…we summoned the book to us. We didn’t mean to, we were looking for some detergent and then we found it underneath the kitchen sink hidden underneath some old cleaning rags.”

“Mmmmm.” I can tell Thomas’ patience is wearing thin but I don’t care. He wants to disrupt my life with his barging in and his mysterious ‘gifts’ then he has to at least listen to my side of the story.

“It was glowing, purple. Like a light was being shone directly onto it. My sister and I looked through the book, I hadn’t seen it by then in years, and my sister had only ever heard about it, she had never actually turned the pages or seen it. After awhile, we closed the book and there were these tiny dents on the front, it looked as if someone had gripped the book with so much force so their fingers left this little indentation as if they were struggling to hold onto it for some reason.”

“Then what happened?”

“My sister and I ran our fingers along these dents and then everything seemed to go black. I don’t know why, but then after that, I have been able to move objects with my mind and in some cases I have increased speed.”

“Right. So where is your sister now?”

“On holidays, we haven’t exactly talked since after my parents split.”

Thomas suddenly raises himself from his sitting position beside my bed and walks towards the door.

“Hey, hey wait a minute!” I object. “You can’t leave until you tell me what the hell has happened here!”

He smiles wickedly; a chill makes its way down my spine slowly.

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes,” I say biting my lip, I know I am afraid but I have to know. “Please.”

“You were stabbed.”

“By what? What the hell did I do?”

“You didn’t do anything. It was a warlock.”


“I know it sounds crazy, but you are vulnerable in this world now.”

“What world?”

“Yours.” He replies simply. Terror seems to slip down my throat and makes its way down to my stomach, twisting and churning relentlessly.


“I have to go.” Thomas insists his voice is abrupt and cold. A tear makes its way down my cheek. Fear is swirling around in my mind and there is this horrible knot in my stomach.

“But, when will I see you again.”

That was a stupid question, but he is a stupid person…or thing. Whatever. It does not matter who or what this guy is, I need him so I can get more information on this so called ‘matter’.

“Soon enough.”

“What…” I pause as images begin to flood my mind as my heart beat increases in seconds. “…what if something happens to me again.” I choke out the words, fear beginning to consume me whole.

“Don’t worry.” He says coolly. “I’ll be there.”

He disappears into thin air. The room as dark as it is, so it is possible he used the door, but I didn’t hear him open it or it close. These are the last thoughts I’m having before I fall into a deep, deep sleep.

This is really important to me...

Hey Girls,

Would anyone be interested in reading my book. I will post chapter by chapter if you guys like it.

*Please note, I don't want people to critique formatting I just want readership for a bit of fun, it's still a work in progress and yes I am working on it.


It's called Enchanted
No, I am not trying to follow Twilight

It's a Witch/Demon romance- ie Cole and Phoebe type of romance but on a whole other level.

He's a king of the underworld and she's a new witch.

Thoughts please?