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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's times like this...

Hey girls long time no see, literally.

I am hoping I don’t waffle too much in this post but I probably will. :D

I’m sitting at work and I can think about is my weight and how bad my skin is. You know how it is for us girls we bitch and criticize ourselves and then are back to photo whoring all over again. We are funny creature yet we all understand each other.

In that being said, today’s lesson is to keep on going. No matter what life throws at me, I have to keep drinking my water like crazy but it makes me feel good about my weight even when I know its crap. No matter what anyone says I have to continue to dress up and do my nails because that is who I am. Unless, I feel the need to please someone else, which I shouldn’t need to do a twenty years old.

I have a loving boyfriend and family who love me just the way I am.

I shouldn’t change unless I want to. Which I do, I want to lose ten kilos and before everyone says- ‘whoa girl that’s a bit much’. I am not doing it for anyone else; I am doing it for myself. I don’t like my body right now and I continue cramming oreos in my mouth like a mad woman on Friday nights, it’s not going to change.

Likewise, I ignore my blog I won’t get many comments, which I realised might just be fine at the moment. Yes, I have moved house and I deal with my constant hang ups about my weight, life, depression and just stuff in general. But it doesn’t mean I should give up no matter how hard it gets.

In saying that also I know I have to start making myself look and feel like a princess again. Too bad if it’s cold here in oz, it doesn’t matter I have a crapload of scarves and nail polishes. So this is the next step- to find time for me.

To actually write a blog post thoroughly, to take photos if I so wish, to actually finish my stories one by one and post them on (sweetchiclovessmallville on

Not to mention and I have already lost weight once maybe not as much but look at Steph from She did it, didn’t she?

Yes of course she did! She’s still going and you can follow her journey too. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m posting weight loss picture etc, this just means I want to be a happier me.

So sound off below, I really would like to know what your thoughts are about anything you so wish.


Curves Ahead Make up said...

you can do it girlie !! I lost 50 pounds and its still a very hard battle to go threw but take your time and set lil goals. I'll be cheering you on if you need anyone to talk to I'll be here

big hug feel better your beautiful

sweetchic said...

Thank you so much Candy *smishes you with a bear hug

You look so amazing and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. xxx

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