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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hey Guys,

I guess this is become more of a diary entry than a blog, but nevertheless, I still like to blog now and again. :)

I also wanted to share how much of a happy day I've had today, and how thankful I am for everything I have in my life- people I mean, not just materialist things.

Speaking of which though, I did want to share my new jacket I got from Dotti. :)

I will post a pic when wearing it as soon as I can, but here is what it looks like

 I know it's not the best picture, but for the moment it's all I got.

Anyway, this post isn't just about me, it's just basically one to express how thankful I am for the people in my life.

My Great Uncle passed away last weekend, and after attending the service on Monday, it really put things in perspective.

Have a great day everyone. xoxo


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